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Our HOUSE / WINE ROSÉ is an exclusive cuvée made from Grenache and Syrah. Grenache grapes are naturally low in tannins and color, which makes them the perfect partner for the Syrah, which with its naturally high tannin content and deep, dark color is something like the yin to their yang. You can look forward to a refreshing and light, but definitely not boring rosé with notes of small red fruits. If this wine were on Tinder, it would date all of your summer salads and grilled chops. In the end, however, he would marry the fried sardines. Obviously, because who wouldn't. Get the ice cooler out, cool the wine   10 ° - 12 ° C and take off the jacket. It's rose time baby!

Our HOUSE / WINE RED is a really great 2019 organic cuvée made from Grenache, Syrah and Carignan grapes. We call it the Swiss Army Knife among the Reds. It comes in an intense cherry red color, with a variety of red fruit flavors and just the right amount of spicy notes. The round and super soft tannins make it an absolute favorite with the public. Drink it with pasta, cheese or a really good organic steak. Damn it, drink it with a frozen pizza. She will thank you.

Our HOUSE / WINE WHITE is an exclusive edition from the heart of Rheinhessen, a region with a tradition in viticulture spanning many generations. Tradition in the sense of, the Romans made their wine here. And if anyone knows wine, it was the Romans. The climate here couldn't be better for viticulture: there is little rainfall, warm in summer and mild in winter.

Let's talk about Riesling. We know many love and some fear its acidity. That is why we have created a cuvée that has everything you love about Riesling, just without the sour edges. So everyone will be happy. Word of honor!

So imagine that Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc make love. White curtains blow in the summer breeze from an open window. Juicy summer peaches would play a role. Gooseberry, green apple and yellow citrus fruits would join them. And the very subtle and refreshing acidity ensures that you never want to leave this party. This wine will leave you with memories like the 2019 summer holidays still do today.

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